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Focar Ruegg Uranus HK 570 Pano

Focar Ruegg Uranus HK 570 Pano

Ruegg Planetes Hearths Uranus

Uranus is a must for a large fire. It comes with a flat glass door, forming a mural, or a round or prismic door to showcase the fire in all its splendour. Its two new versions are designed to please people who like great sensations and space.
With the double-sided Tunnel Uranus you can enjoy the fire from your living room and kitchen; with the new Angle version you can save space without sacrificing on the view.




- Dimensions: 82 x width of 57 cm height

- Weight: 208 kg

- Efficiency: 81.3%

- Rated power: 9 kW (DIN)

- Maximum temperature waste gases: 280 ° C

- Exit exhaust pipe: Ø20 cm

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