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Focar Ruegg Atrium

Focar Ruegg Atrium

Ruegg Hearths Atrium

The hearth reinvents the tribal ringside fire, with added power. With its perfectly round hearth, paned over 360°, Atrium demands to be at the centre of the room and all conversation.
Designed to provide no obstruction to the view, this hearth has an exceptional reputation and can be found in some well-frequented places.
Atrium is like a fire show, with no mechanical supports to be seen. This is fire in its purest, rawest state, yet tamed by Ruegg technology with its unrivalled opening system.




- Dimensions: 360 ° x 56 cm height

- Weight: 350 kg

- Efficiency: 61%

- rated power: 13.5 kW (DIN)

- The maximum temperature of the waste Gas: 300 ° C

- Exit exhaust pipe: Ø30 cm

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